EU: European farmers seeking to bypass Russian bans with ‘Made in Turkey’ tags

European food producers are reportedly seeking to bypass Moscow’s ban on western food imports by deceiving authorities over the origin of the products with tags claiming the food is produced in countries that are not banned, including Turkey.


Ukraine: Crimean poultry farm to be purchased by compulsory order

Yuzhnaya Holding, a poultry farm of Avangardco, the largest producer of shell eggs and dry egg products in Ukraine, is to be purchased by compulsory order, the Minister of Agriculture of the Crimea Nikolay Polyushkin has said in a statement.


Russia: China ready to expand agricultural trade with Russia

China is ready to expand bilateral trade in agriculture with Russia, Xinhua News Agency reported Monday, citing China’s Ministry of Commerce.


EU: EU money to farmers affected by Russian import ban

European fruit and vegetable growers who will lose money due to the introduction of a Russian food import ban announced ten days ago will be compensated 125 million euros by the European Commission, the European executive body announced in a statement on Monday. 


EU: EU sets aside €125mn to stabilise food prices

It said in Brussels on Tuesday (18 August) the money will be available until the end of November for producers of tomatoes, carrots, white cabbage, peppers, cauliflowers, cucumbers, and gherkins, mushrooms, apples, pear, red fruits, table grapes, and kiwis.


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