A Brief Description Of The Difference Between A Public School And A Charter School


A Brief Description Of The Difference Between A Public School And A Charter School

A school is an educational establishment designed primarily to offer learning environments and learning spaces for the education of students. Most developed countries have centralized systems of public education, which can be mandatory or not. In such systems, students advance through a structured sequence of schools known as grade schools. This system of progressive levels has a great advantage in terms of providing flexibility and adaptability to students.

Teachers play an important role in shaping the educational experience of students. In most public school systems, teachers are required to belong to an organization called the teacher’s college, and are expected to attain a specified level of education within a certain time period. The requirements to join this organization may vary by country and may depend on the number of years of education that one has already attained. Usually, bachelor degree holders are required to undergo an accredited teacher training program, after which they undergo a qualifying examination to become approved for the job. The number of years of practice is also a deciding factor for an individual who seeks to become a teacher in any educational institution.

Private schools on the other hand, are schools organized on a more flexible basis, allowing admission on the basis of prior achievement and coursework completed. They also allow the parents of a particular child to choose the best teachers for their child, and also allow the students to move freely within the school structure, as long as they meet the rules and regulations of the school. Private schools may have different entrance criteria than the government approved ones, and may also differ in terms of financial aid. Students of both the government approved and private educational institutions may pursue higher education in the form of a full tuition scholarship, provided that they meet the specific requirements.

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