A Brief Synopsis About the Types of Sports Movies

A sport film is a fictional film genre which makes use of sport as the main theme of the movie. It is basically a story which revolves around a sport, a sporting event, fan of sport, or a player who is popular for his sport to an extent for his story’s resolution or motivation. There can be many genres of sport films, one can choose to be a sports drama, a comedy, a romance, action, horror, or thriller etc. Another important thing is that these can also be called as sports movies. A good example for this genre is the 98% of Skyfall which was a London film made by Simon Beaufroy and starred Matthew McConaughey.


One can also categorize them into two major categories, namely film dramas and film comedies. Sport related films with a dramatic undertone are termed as sport dramas. They are made in a dramatic manner for the sole purpose of conveying some serious message to the viewers. On the other hand, film comedies are made with a light hearted twist which have a great value in entertaining the viewers and has a positive impact on their mind too.

A sports story can either be a tragedy or a success, it all depends on the storyline and the director. A good example for this is The Basketball Diaries, which was made by Adam Sandler and starred Michael Caine. It was a comedy film which took full time to take us deep inside the world of professional basketball players. Most of the movie was based on the fact that Caine played a useless sport and yet he managed to make it big in the world of film by winning a prestigious Golden Globe for Best Actor category for his performance.

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