A Look at Sport


A Look at Sport

Sport (or physical sport) is any form of regularly organised and sometimes competitive physical activity that, through either organised or casual participation, intention to use, enhance or improve particular physical capability and skills, whilst providing entertainment for participants, and even occasionally, spectators. The term’sport’ can generally be used to refer to any organised activity that requires a considerable amount of time, concentration, energy, commitment, skill, physical strength and sometimes luck, to complete. Sports are normally played between groups of people who have some form of sporting ambition. These may include ice hockey, motor racing, golf, rugby, cricket and football – the list is almost endless, although American football is an example of a modern sport created by some American professionals.

Sport can be separated into two main categories: physical activity and spectator sport. Physical activity includes such things as playing football, volleyball, rugby, hockey and swimming, although it must be remembered that many activities considered to be’sport’ are also recreational activities. Spectator sport is commonly referred to as spectator boxing, rugby, golf and baseball. There is also a category of sport known as ‘ice-hockey’, which is a type of frozen contact sport using skates and/or pads. Some forms of ice-hockey have become very popular in the United States and Canada, particularly ‘ice hockey’ and ‘free-style hockey’.

As previously mentioned, many people are involved in some form of sport, either as a participant, a fan, or both. It would be fair to say that the vast majority of people take part in some form of sport, although many do not realise this. Those who participate in a sport are often deeply committed to their sport, working and practicing hard to achieve their maximum potential, and those who watch sport regularly are similarly committed to their sport. Sport contributes towards a healthy lifestyle in many ways – not only do participants in sport benefit from increased levels of physical fitness, but they are also learning about the physical benefits of participating in their sport.

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