Designer Drugs Can Kill – Is Yours on the List?


Designer Drugs Can Kill – Is Yours on the List?

You’re a designer? Designer as in Fashion Designer / Fashion Marketing Designer? No am not a other fashion designer. Designers such as in Facebook’s app, experiences, research the target audiences, test them, make user flows for them and iterate on them. That’s what a designer does!

Designer drugs are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Designer Chemistry includes everything from Synthetic Rubbers to Designer Bath Salts, Spice, Potpourri oils. Designer drugs have become more popular in recent years with the increase in synthetic versus natural ingredients, thus designer bath salts fall under this category. The bath salts and similar items usually contain bath salts such as sodium sulfate (caustic soda), calcium carbonate (calcium sulfate), or magnesium sulfate. These chemicals are “designed” to mimic the effects of popular designer drugs, but in a less concentrated form for the consumer.

Designer Drugs and their derivatives (including cathinone) are a serious concern because even non-designer drugs may be toxic to the human body. cathinone, which is most often used as a replacement therapy for heroin addiction, has been found to be present in controlled substance laboratories and has been linked to various serious health problems including liver failure, depression, anxiety, psychosis, agitation, psychosis, mania, seizures and even death. Designer cathinones can cause respiratory depression, seizures, liver damage, heart damage, allergic reactions, coma and even death. Designer cathinones and related substances are now being looked at as a possible precursor for addiction. It is important to get your hands on all the information available so that when the next designer chemical comes onto the market the consumer is educated and the dangers know no bounds.

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