Different Types of Sport

“Sport” is one of those words that has many different meanings depending on the time and place in which you use it. “Sport” is a very broad term and covers a very large number of different activities, including but not limited to participation in organized sporting events, hobbies, recreation, fitness or games. In its most broad sense, sport can mean “all physical activity”, but in most other contexts it is used to refer to a specific type of sport. It also often refers to a set of related activities such as skating, swimming, cycling and golf. In the most popular sense, however, the sport can generally be used to refer to any activity undertaken with an interest or objective of improving the participants skill or performance in competitive circumstances.


The word “sport” has become particularly important in the United States, where the term is used to describe non-physical activities (including athletic, dance, gymnastics, fencing and aerobics) in addition to more traditional physical activities. The term “sport” can even be used to describe non-professional sport activities such as gardening, riding, dancing and gymnastics, but these activities are not necessarily competitive. A sport can include any of these activities, as long as it is organized by a government or school board and involves physical contact. The first step to being considered as having a sport, or “sport” is to take part in an organized competition. Competitions can take many forms, but common events include sprints, tennis, swimming, basketball and football.

Another way of looking at sport is to look at it as a physical activity used to entertain, improve or maintain physical fitness. Darts is a good example of this. While dart throwing may not exactly be a “sport” per se, as dart throwing does involve throwing a dart over a distance, it is a physical activity. Competitors in dart tournaments not only try to throw as far as possible, they also try to throw the dart over a length of track as accurately and as smoothly as possible.

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