Gambling and Pregnancy

A gambling problem occurs when a person cannot control his urge to participate in the activity. The addiction negatively affects every area of the person’s life. It can be treated through therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, or other means. The purpose of such therapy is to reduce the urge to gamble and to change the person’s thinking about gambling. However, these treatments do not cure the problem. These individuals will continue to face the challenges associated with the disorder.


Research in the field of gambling has largely focused on studies involving human participants. The study of children has shown a significant association between PG and gambling, but it is unclear if this association holds across different groups of people. The results of the research are likely to be biased because of collinearity between some variables. While this is not a problem in the majority of cases, it is possible to find some associations between PG and the extent of a patient’s involvement in gambling and other risky behaviors.

Despite the prevalence of gambling and its associated risks, there are a few factors that have been shown to have an effect on PG. The strongest association between PG and gambling occurs when a person engages in multiple forms of gambling. Involvement in multiple forms of gambling is positively associated with PG. High levels of involvement are characterized by high involvement in multiple forms of gambling. Also, involvement in multiple forms of gambling indicates high level of versatility.

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