How World Travel Affects Society

Travel is the motion of individuals between different distant geographical regions. Travel can also be one-way or round-trip, with or without luggage and can generally be one way travel or multi-point. Travel has been one of the earliest forms of tourism, dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. Traveling is a basic human right since ages and has become a significant business for most people around the world. The 21st century will most probably continue to see continued growth in the travel industry as more people become busier and have more spare time on their hands.


Traveling can take many different forms, such as land travel, sea travel, air travel, truck travel, car travel, bicycle travel, horseback travel, and even certain forms of communication technology like cable television, telephones, and radio. When the world was introduced to high speed traveling, travel within nations and even between nations became faster and much more frequent. In fact, it became so frequent that it began to become known as “commerce travelling.” The advent of modern transportation created new ways of travel, including air travel. The world then saw the great development of automobiles, which allowed travel between places to be more regularized. The development of international trade also allowed the world to develop commercial air travel, which allowed the transport of goods and services from one country to another.

A major component of travel is tourism, which is defined as “the practice of visiting a place for the purpose of having a well-being”. Tourism helps to alleviate poverty, disease, and other problems within a country or in a particular area. World tourism also contributes significantly to the economic vitality of a country. There are many important factors that go into setting travel apart from other forms of travel. This includes climate, security, culture, accommodation, transportation, timing (to reach a destination), and timing (to make sure you get the most out of a trip).

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