Marketing As a Professional Service


Marketing As a Professional Service

Marketing is the method of consciously inducing demand for sales of products and services; possibly including choice of a target customer; selection of specific attributes or themes on which to base a marketing message; the means by which the message is presented; and the manner in which it is delivered. Marketing may be defined as the use of sound and sight to promote or advertise a product and/or service. There are many ways to approach marketing; however, the three most common marketing practices in the US include:

Marketing as a professional service has become widely accepted in many businesses in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. There are many types of marketing practices used by marketing professionals; however, the most commonly used techniques are: Branding, Direct Mail, TV Advertisement, Web Promotion and Event Marketing. Branding as the most effective marketing practice is achieved when marketers use a logo, trade name, or trademark to identify their products and/or services. Direct mail, TV and Internet advertisement are generally employed by businesses that have a nationally recognised brand identity. Brand identity marketing can also be used to build consumer awareness of products and/or services.

Direct marketing is an extremely cost effective marketing practice that is used to communicate with potential customers. It is achieved by placing advertisements in prominent positions in newspapers, magazines, radio, T.V. and online media such as blogs, social media and email. It is also a useful tool for building brand loyalty by creating and maintaining positive relationships with existing customers and by generating quality leads and building business objectives.

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