Marketing Strategies

Marketing is the act of consciously inducing demand for, and sales of products and services; possibly including broad range of the target population; and selection of a specific target market. It can be done through mass media, such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines, billboards, brochures, catalogues, direct mail, etc. It can also be developed through the use of technological innovations such as the net and computers. Marketing concepts are generally used in the sphere of advertising and promotion, but they have also found application in other areas, including business, science and technology, education and health care.

Marketing involves creative efforts aimed at creating awareness, motivation, acceptance, interest, and support for a particular product or service. It has become an important and powerful force in the design and development of new products and services. Marketing research is conducted to evaluate marketing strategies and test methods and to determine their effect on sales. Market research can be used to find new markets, to discover new product or service opportunities, to find new ways to promote existing products or services, or to develop new methods for promoting products. Marketing strategies include advertising, public relations, promotions, price and discounts, customer loyalty programs, and product positioning, as well as many other techniques.

Marketing can be used in every area of life, from consumer product marketing, through marketing activities in politics, to marketing activities in sports and entertainment, to marketing activities in human resources and education. Marketing strategies have also become a key element in many aspects of business, such as in the area of international marketing, electronic marketing, telemarketing and web marketing. Marketing research has become an integral part of the business community, due to the many different ways it is implemented, and the wide range of businesses that use it. Marketing strategies are used by all industries, from restaurants to toy stores, from investors to labor unions, from large corporations to small companies, and from government to non-profit organizations. In recent years, marketing research has increasingly become an important component in marketing an organization, whether it is a large corporation, a small start-up, or a sole proprietorship.

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