Sport is widely defined as any physical activity that involves a level of physical exertion, including running or basketball. Almost all activities related to sport are also competitive in nature. Some sports are known as team sports, for example football and baseball. Many other types of outdoor sports and some outdoor games are also called sports. An individual who plays sport can be called a sportsman or a sportswoman.

A sportsperson in the modern world is an individual who performs at a high level of skill at any given time. It may not always be obvious which is which, since both terms can apply to highly competitive situations. In team sports, the team sport, members working together to achieve a common goal, the sporting term “team” can apply to individuals as well. In the case of chess, each player acts only to win the game; that is, the object of the game is not to get the highest score or share the prize. The term “chess” could therefore apply to the game of chess as well as to the individuals playing it. Thus a football game may be described as a “game of football”, while a chess game could also be called a “game of chess”.

Sport results from a combination of the rules of a game and the natural skills we all have in our control. It therefore requires a certain amount of self-discipline. Self discipline is especially important, because many people claim to practice excessively for the sake of their own glory. Sport results from the continuous use of the mind by improving one’s capabilities in many areas, including mathematics, music and art. Sport is not only physical activity, because it can also be the combination of physical activity and mental activity.

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