The Concept of Marketing


The Concept of Marketing

Marketing is basically the use of communication with potential customers to promote products and services. These could be in the form of print media such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, television, etc… Direct marketing is the most popular among all other forms. It involves face-to-face communication, often via the mail. Advertising is used for the promotion of products and services. This could be done through magazines, newspaper ads, flyers, radio or TV advertisements, brochures, catalogues, business cards, letterheads, and postcards.

A successful marketing process ensures a high degree of customer satisfaction. The concepts that go into a good marketing program include identifying customers needs and analyzing the available options. Some of the most common elements of coordinated marketing are product knowledge, defining target customers, measuring the needs of customers, creating a marketing message, measuring the results of the marketing program, and monitoring the effectiveness of the marketing effort. In short, effective marketing includes the development of product knowledge, building a marketing message, and measuring the results of the marketing program. It is also important to develop customer loyalty by continuously providing quality products and services.

Consumer awareness is one of the most important concepts that go into marketing. Research has shown that most of the decisions we make regarding buying goods and services are made based on our impressions of the market. Thus, it is important for marketers to come up with new and exciting products that will catch the attention of consumers. Developing new ideas and launching promotional campaigns based on these new concepts is part of the marketing research process.

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