The Growth of Travel

Travel is the moving of people from one distant location to another. Travel can take place by foot, bike, car, plane, train, bus or train, and may be one way or multi-way, usually with or without baggage. Some forms of travel require a hotel stay, while other forms of travel are driven from point A to point B.


Hotels and motels may not provide travel service; hotels generally provide rooms and services for sleeping, dining, leisure, recreational, travel and hospitality exchange services. Travelers use hotel facilities for recreation in the form of spas, pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, restaurants and clubs and for lodging in the form of boarding and lodging accommodations, motels, cabins and apartments. Motels and hotels do not offer services for travel to distant geographical locations except for air travel within the continental United States. Some hotels provide shuttle service to and from points within the hotel premises.

Travelers who travel by means of an automobile most often stop at a gas station or grocery store and purchase fuel for their journey. In addition to fuel, travelers utilize other forms of transportation to get to and from their destinations, including buses, trains, taxis, motor bikes and horseback. Traveling by bus is becoming the most common means of travel, especially for individuals who travel to distant geographical locations frequently. Tourists also spend some time visiting attractions and participating in local cultural activities.

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