The School System in China

A school is an educational establishment designed primarily to offer learning zones and learning opportunities for students under the supervision of qualified instructors. Most developed countries have systems of traditional formal schooling, which in some cases may be mandatory. In such systems, students progressing through a prescribed sequence of schools earn diplomas or degree certificates at the end of the course. However, in some countries, like Singapore, a student has the option of choosing between a full-time or a part-time study program. This is done to give room for flexibility while undertaking a course of study.

The primary purpose of attending school is to acquire academic qualifications which will help one’s personal and professional life to a great extent. In the early years of schooling, kids are taught reading, writing, math and science, and are given an opportunity to participate in different extracurricular activities to promote self-learning. These days, it has become customary for parents to send their children to school, and the younger generation especially, seems to prefer this setup over home-based study. Research shows that the regularity with which kids attend school actually has an impact on their intellectual development and abilities.

Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were both sent to school when they were young, and both showed great aptitude for learning and intellectual pursuits. Both of them ended up becoming conquerors, and later generals in their respective army. In the 18th century, school began to be nationally organized, with the support of the French government. The French education system gave great weight to the importance of learning and studying. And the best way to learn and study was at school.

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