The Wide World Of Healthy Foods

Food is any substance consumed in order to provide the body with nutrition. The human body can obtain all of its nourishment from a wide range of foods. Generally speaking, food refers to the substances that an animal or human eats to sustain life. Food is generally of plant, animal or even fungi origin, and contains various nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, or iron. Each type of food provides different nutrients to the body in varying proportions and quantities.


In the United States, food consumption habits are organized into specific food groups, which are further divided into specific categories, usually based on the country in which the food is consumed. For example, one category of food is known as animal protein. Meat and dairy products are the primary sources of protein for the vast majority of Americans; however, poultry and fish can also be sources of protein. Fruits and vegetables are considered to be the richest source of dietary fiber in the diet, although other types of food are also rich in fiber. Oftentimes, the foods we think of as being the most “healthy” – like fruits and vegetables – actually contain a lot more calories than the recommended daily allowance of food, which can become a problem for people who are trying to shed weight.

In addition to the varied and wide variety of food available to consumers, the food supply in the developed world is becoming more depleted of many of the food staples that have sustained humanity for thousands of years. As a result, farmers are frequently required to use dangerous and often unsafe chemicals in order to increase crop production and protect the growing population of the world. The practice of using harmful additives and pesticides is one of the main factors behind the increasing cases of illness and premature death around the world. Fortunately, many of the food additives commonly used today have been banned from the food supply due to their dangerous environmental and health effects.

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