What Does an Industrial Designer Do?

A designer is someone who designs the shape or form of an object, usually by drawing plans or drawings. Designers are in charge of determining how an object should look and what materials should be used to make that object. The term “designer” has various other meanings, depending on the country in which you live. In some countries, it refers to a type of architect. In some states, it means a craftsman who creates items as a hobby.


An industrial designer works for a company or corporation. In most cases, industrial designers are the ones who create concepts and layouts for new products for use in a manufacturing setting. They will often work with engineers and computer technicians to come up with designs. Their job will be to determine the cost of a product and whether or not it meets the needs and desires of the company, the public, or both.

Some designers choose to specialize in particular fields of design work. Graphic designers, for example, focus on creating logos and advertising materials. Medical designers focus on creating medical drawings and products. Fashion designers focus on creating clothing designs. Industrial designers may also find work in computer graphics, web development, education, and photography.

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