What Is Sport?


What Is Sport?

The term sport was first used in the Olympic Games, as it was then widely accepted that any game with the rules could be considered to be a sport and people started to call it that. “Sport” has obviously taken on a rather broader meaning than just being about sports. The term is now used in almost any recreational activity and is used in conjunction with the word recreation. “Sport” has a broader meaning than just “sports” because it includes any type of competitive activity. However, it is normally used in conjunction with “recreational”.

” Recreational sport” generally refers to any activity involving physical skill in order to learn something new or just to have fun. ” Recreation” is usually used in association with exercise and can also refer to a form of hobby. The most common leisure activities which are considered to be recreational are golf, tennis, swimming, hiking, fishing and cycling, although the list could continue indefinitely.

Sport is becoming increasingly popular and it’s definition is now frequently included in dictionaries as both a description of an event and as the word for a set of activities (as in “a competition” and “sportsmanship”). Sport in society will continue to grow as more people are more involved in active participation in sport, either as a participant, spectator or referee. Sport in the modern era has developed over the last century in response to new developments in the modern economy, which has enabled the development of new industries and new forms of technological production. The growth in participation, developmental, and competitive sport over the last century has made sport an integral part of our society.

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