American Sport in the Twenty-First Century


American Sport in the Twenty-First Century

The word sport is most often used in a narrow sense to refer to any type of competitive physical activity. However, included in the list of sport are all types of physical activities that contribute to the development of body data hk strength, physical well-being, mental awareness and interpersonal interaction. These include: recreation; play; organized, competitive or recreational sport; and indigenous sport or games. Each type of sport has its own characteristics and therefore each sport has its own level of skill, ability and extent of participation.

Some of the most popular sports in the 20th century are ice skating, softball, badminton, cricket, soccer, baseball, basketball, motor racing and sailing. In the United States, some of these have turned into professional sports and some have become popular enough to be seen as minor league teams. American football is the most common of these. Sport has become an important part of American life. In the 20th century there are many major league sports franchises, including the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs, and there are many minor league baseball and soccer teams as well.

Sport in the modern age can be seen in such venues as the Tour de France bicycle race, the swimming events in the Olympics, the National Basketball Association, the Professional Golfing Championships, the Wimbledon Championship tennis tournament, and the Australian Open tennis tournament. There are also American Football matches andockey fights. Sports competitions and contests have developed so that they are not just recreational pastimes anymore. In fact there is no argument that American society has greatly developed as a result of the sport competitions and fashions.

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