Charter Schools

A school is a place of learning where students are educated and taught. The primary objective of any school is the education of its students, to develop them into responsible citizens. A school is also an informal educational establishment designed for the education of students and the provision of learning spaces and academic learning environments under the guidance of qualified teachers. Most developed countries have systems of public schooling, which may be compulsory or optional. In such systems, students advance through a series of secondary schools before reaching the primary school level.


Private schools and charter schools are among the most popular types of secondary schools in the US. They are established for the education of the students in the locality and they receive government aid as well as financial assistance from the authorities. In a common school, students learn from teachers who have been appointed for the job on the basis of merit, while teachers of a private school are selected on the basis of ability and qualification. In both the cases, the students are expected to achieve reasonable improvement in their academic performance. However, in the case of a charter school, the school provides admission to students free of cost and grants scholarships to deserving candidates. Charters may run for one or more years, depending upon the progress of the child or the nature of the course.

There are several types of charter schools, including those that operate partially or wholly out of a residential area or within a particular geographical area. In such schools, the teacher and the administrative personnel are from the same locality and the school can be considered a mini school within the locality. The students residing in the locality may also be eligible for admission into such schools. In a fully recognized school, the students are expected to attain a minimum standard of learning. All the educational institutions provide all the facilities necessary for the overall development of the child. The schools ensure that parents and other legal guardians have access to student records and also ensure that the child participates actively in the overall education process.

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