Marketing Research Vs Marketing Management


Marketing Research Vs Marketing Management

Marketing is one of the most important components of business. It is a major factor that influences the growth and development of any enterprise. Marketing is a strategic management tool that is used to identify prospective customers, evaluate competitors and develop advertising campaigns that will yield measurable results. Marketing is a set of actions, strategies, and processes used to promote products and services to acquire new customers, keep existing customers satisfied and build loyalty among current customers.

Marketing involves the use of various media to reach out to customers and increase sales, such as advertising on radio, television, and other media; distributing information through brochures, trade magazines, catalogs, newspapers and magazines; word of mouth through business networks, social media sites, and websites; and participating in various events such as conferences and trade shows. The marketing concept of any business or organization starts with the identification of the customers or potential customers. Marketing begins with the analysis of the goals and objectives of the organization. After this, it proceeds to the identification of the relevant customer characteristics such as age, gender, income, geographic location, and other relevant information that will allow businesses to target their messages to potential customers.

Marketing is an essential aspect of every business. It involves the concept of selling to consumers, who take decisions for buying either because they have been impressed by a product or service, or because of other compelling reasons. Marketing is the science of identifying and satisfying customers, drawing them into making buying decisions, and building customer loyalty by selling them products or services that are worth buying. The marketing concept of any organization starts with the analysis of the target market, followed by the determination of appropriate marketing tools and methods, and finally, using those tools to sell products and services to consumers.

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