Designer and Interior Contractor


Designer and Interior Contractor

A designer is someone who actually designs something, rather than just planning the form or pattern beforehand. They usually work in either an industrial context or fashion context and are responsible for coming up with ideas for new products, new patterns and new designs. Designers don’t just produce stuff – they also analyse their clients’ needs and find ways to meet these needs. Many designers spend a great deal of time consulting and working with their clients as well as visiting their facilities if they have any.

There are two main types of designer/interior designers – one is the principal designer and the other is the decorative/pattern designer. The principal designer is responsible for actually coming up with the actual designs themselves while the decorative/pattern designer will implement the designs into furniture, fabrics and interior settings. Although there are a lot of similarities between the two, there are also important differences.

Generally the principal designer will produce a blueprint of what their domestic client wants, then they will draw the blueprint and turn it into a three dimensional model by using CAD software. The CAD model is then created by the principal designer and the architectural firm, and then it is brought to the construction site for the principal contractor to look at and make changes to before they can start building. In terms of the designer/principal contract, most projects will still go through the principal contractor, as they will be the one that actually pays for the design work as well as for the labour and materials, but more often than not this is where the design work is done. If there is another designer involved, it is the one that actually implements the designs into the building (this is where the difference between the decorative/pattern designer and the principal designer comes in).

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