Designer Job Description

A designer is a person who designs something, usually something that has practical value. A designer works with many other people and the final output is often mass produced. A designer may use mathematics, engineering, art, literature or history in order to develop a design. Designing can be done in a physical sense, an abstract sense, a logical sense or a combination of all three. A designer must be imaginative, creative, and have a clear understanding of how various forces interact and how to arrange things in such a way as to enable the desired output.


There are several different design roles available within organisations, each having its own set of responsibilities and expectations. The two most senior design roles are Product Designer and Costume Designer. The Product Designer is responsible for ensuring that the right specifications are met for a product or service. This includes research and development as well as manufacturing specifications. The Costume Designer is responsible for conceptualising and designing the look of products or services, often using clothes as the basic material.

A Graphic Designer creates the visual interface of a product or service. This person will be responsible for creating layouts, images, and visual interfaces that represent the product in a way that is acceptable to the user. In addition, a graphic designer also needs to have good interpersonal skills in order to communicate effectively with a wide range of users and to ensure that the final product is what the user expected to be. A Fashion Designer is responsible for drafting the layout of clothes and for coming up with ideas for new patterns and styles that are attractive and appropriate for a particular product or line of clothes. A Film Designer creates movie props and outfits to help create the atmosphere of a film.

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