Designer Versus Contractor


Designer Versus Contractor

A designer is a person who designs something and it is not necessarily intended to be used by humans or animals to do so. Designing is used in almost all industries and there are different kinds of designers. A designer is described by R.G. Wattles as “the man who gives life to things”. These days there are many places where you will find designers and some of the most famous designers of the modern times are Henry Tieck, HG Wells, Louis Comfort, Jules Verne and Rudyard Kipling.

Designer – An individual or company who designs and modifies designs for other people and/or other entities. A designer is one who transforms concepts into physical objects or into systems. A designer is also known as a principal contractor because he or she transforms concepts into construction materials or into the output or the finished article. Modifying designs refers to the art and science of incorporating software, systems and software-in-process to produce changes that make existing designs better and more efficient and/or effective.

Designer – A person who design work for a client on behalf of the principal contractor. A designer is responsible for ensuring that the final product is in compliance with the legal requirements of the client. Some designers may work in either an external capacity or as a part of the construction team. In the past, it was often difficult for a designer to determine which of the two roles he or she should play in certain situations. In recent years, more practice has developed for both positions and it is now possible to hire a designer with a specialization in either role.

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