Diet Causes and Prevention of Cancer

Food is any material consumed in order to supply nutrition to the organisms. Usually food is of animal, plant or microbial origin, and often contains nutrients, like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, or mineral ions. Most people are aware that vegetables and fruits are the most important source of food, because these foods provide all the essential elements for the body to grow and develop, but other food types can also have some effects on the body, and there are always exceptions. However, all types of food may contribute to the growth of cancer cells in different ways.


It is a fact that the food we eat can determine our physical well-being, for health professionals consider it essential to eat a well balanced diet to prevent physical diseases, and to achieve a general sense of well being. Basically, the main objective of nutrition is to provide the right amount of food necessary to sustain life and keep the body healthy. Food choices affect nutrition, because certain food types will help the body fight against certain infections or build resistance against certain diseases, for example some food types that fight against Helicobacter pylon (bugs that cause diarrhea), or some foods types that improve lung function (cancer foods). Although most of us prefer to eat more fruits and vegetables, research has shown that most people nowadays are not adequately taking care of their nutrition and most of the fruits and vegetables that are available are not as good for us as they used to be. Therefore, if we want to avoid food that may contribute to the growth of cancer cells, we should be careful about the food choices we make and follow a diet strictly controlled by experts.

Cancer cells can also develop in people living in food deserts, because these areas are usually deprived of the right nutrients. A recent study made on the subject found that people living in poor areas are more likely to develop colon and breast cancer, as they lack the proper nutrition necessary to fight these diseases. The study looked at over a thousand women who had been followed up for several years. After controlling for other possible risk factors for these cancers, the researchers were able to find that those people living in food deserts had a five times higher risk of developing these cancers. Obviously, the conclusion is that poor nutrition contributes to the risk of these types of cancers among people living in food deserts.

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