The Definition of Sport


The Definition of Sport

“Sport” is a term open to interpretation by the majority of people, even though there is some dispute over what sporting activity is the most appropriate to label. “Sport” is normally defined as “an organized activity of sport that makes use of a set of tools, especially for the development of its participants”. Sport can therefore be defined as any activity used to develop physical, mental, social or emotional well being, and may be undertaken for competitive, recreational or social purposes. The activities covered by the definitions of “sport” vary significantly from sport to sport, but the general idea behind them is that there is something more specific about each sport than the activities typically associated with it. “Sport” is therefore a term open to interpretation by most people, but there is a tendency for the meaning to become blurred between different types of sport, so that certain styles or techniques seem to be considered as a sport when they are not.

“Sport” has become a highly controversial subject, as some people feel that it evokes associations with professional sport, such as sports. Because of this, when people discuss the definition of sport, they often refer to different activities or sports. “isure sport” is usually described as an activity that participants are involved in enhancing their own leisure, and is therefore generally not intended to compete against others. ” recreational sport” is considered to mean any activity that people participate in to develop their skills, but is not intended to compete with other people.

The definition of sport is often referred to in connection with the definition of human rights, with the argument that sport enables people to develop healthy and positive human relationships and is thus a vital component of a healthy society. While there is some debate surrounding the exact relationship between sport and human rights, it is apparent that they are strongly linked, with sport helping to promote greater self awareness and acceptance of both skills and talents, and helping people realize their potential. In particular many children who excel in sports find it much easier to accept and pursue a career when they have been successfully helped in sports. Sport also allows young people to develop leadership qualities and hone social and interpersonal skills.

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