Front-End Designer Basics

A designer is someone who designs something, usually a product, before it’s actually made. There are different kinds of designer. Some are only in the business of coming up with ideas and concepts, others come up with actual products and others simply make things look better by putting them together. A designer can also be the one that brings an idea to life. In fact, many of the inventions that we use every day were originally the result of someone looking at a piece of paper and figuring how it could be made better. Designers are also responsible for bringing movies to life on television and in movies.


A designer also needs to know about usability and designing tools. The kind of designer you hire depends on your company’s specific requirements. The most common designers ranges from software engineers to artists, depending on what you are looking to achieve. You need to figure out what you want from your designer, and then let him or her do their best to get it.

Most designers will start out by looking at your company’s requirements, and doing a survey of your audience and the kind of product or services you provide. Then they will design a basic set of prototypes. After that they will work up from there to create actual product designs according to your specifications. In the back-end, you can expect things like conversion templates, user acceptance tests, and other things like that. Designers will usually work on the web as well, although the most common projects will be for client-side interactions on the web. These front-end designers ranges from simple HTML developers to more experienced webmasters who can create rich client-side interactions in Flash and Java.

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