What Is a School?

A school is a public educational establishment designed to offer learning spaces and learning situations for the education of students in a particular school or educational organization. In most industrialized nations, public schooling is a compulsory system. In such systems, students proceed through a series of primary schools, intermediate schools and lastly, a high school. These stages help students develop learning skills and instincts that are necessary for them to complete their education and enter into adulthood. For students in undeveloped countries, there are many private schools that provide education in a simple way.


Private schools typically appoint kindergartens or primary school children as the school subjects. These children may be required to have special treatment and attention, unlike in mainstream public schools where teachers focus on general education. Special needs and individual preferences may also form the basis for the selection of subjects. Some states also provide for home schooling for children below 12 years of age, while others prohibit home schooling altogether.

Private schools are organized on a recognized syllabus that caters to the various skills and dispositions of young children. The academic curriculum of a secondary school varies according to the region, while the extracurricular activities, professional qualifications, religious beliefs and socialization practices of the students form an important part of the curriculum. At the middle school level, vocational schools and primary schools, the academic focus is on academic excellence and professional development, while socialization practices are equally important.

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